Be a failure!

October 13th is absolutely the best day to show some stupidity, error estimation, awkward moments and other not-so-nice things to the whole world. One things is sure. You won't be alone.

  • 1

    Fail. How? Just fail. You'll find our own personal way to do it.

  • 2

    Tweet your failure with hashtag #dayforfailure or read bunch of fails from other human beings. We human beings are used to fail.

  • 3

    Buy great incredients, read recipe, prepare everything and burn you food. Serve when you are cooled down.

  • 4

    Share your failphoto on instagram. On 13th #skateboarding bruises and #blush #faces will be paired with #dayforfailure.

  • 5

    Do a bankruptcy. Money isn't everything, they say. Right?

  • 6

    Ask that boy/girl/anyone out.

  • 7

    Go to YouTube and search "fail". Remember, no one on the videos did not plan failing. It's just something that usually occures after trying. Still, why so many videos?

  • 8

    Use Facebook as you use it every day. Share a story about your day. The more embarassing, the more likes it usually gains. People are weird.

  • 9

    Don't share this awesome ACTIONBOOK.

  • 10

    Learn from you failure!